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College Challenge
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the College Challenge?

The Warrior Run is excited to offer this exciting initiative for your school. The College Challenge is a great opportunity to help students develop healthy habits while supporting their school. The goal of the program is to encourage college students to improve their physical and mental fitness and give back to the community by volunteering and fundraising for their school. Students will train to complete the Warrior Run 5K or 1 mile walk on Saturday, September 30, 2017!

Is there a College Challenge winner?

Yes! Each school will earn a score based on participation, community service and fundraising. The score of each school will be calculated by a weighted scale. 50% of the score will be based on student participation (as a percentage of total enrollment). 25% of the score will be 25% of the score will be based on fundraising (money raised compared to other schools based on participants). Note, participation is the most important factor, not speed. Students participating in the College Challenge are eligible for Age Group Awards in each of the events.

What does the winner receive?

Prizes for the top school includes a traveling trophy, $1,500 for the purpose of scholarships at the winning school, and a Skyline Chili cheese coney party. Not to mention bragging rights for the year!

Who gets the fundraising money?

YOUR SCHOOL! 100% of the money raised is for the benefit of your school. The money raised will be used to create mental health programs on your campus.

Who should be our School Coordinator?

The School Coordinator can be anyone directly connected with the school. An administrator, professor, or student leader would make a good coordinator. The role of the coordinator is to recruit students and promote the program throughout the school. Coordinators will also be responsible relaying important program information and supporting students in their training, volunteering and fundraising efforts. You could also have a Student Ambassador (1 per school or 1 per grade level) to assist the Coordinator.

When is the event?

The Warrior Run 5K race or 1 mile walk is Saturday, September 30, 2017.

How long is a 5K?

The 5K is 3.1 miles. Participants of the College Challenge can compete in either the 5K or 1M walk. We anticipate the majority of students will participate in the 5K event.

Do the students have to run the entire distance?

No, students can use any combination of walking, jogging or running to cover the distance.

How much does the program cost?

Each participant is responsible for the cost of the event which is a special $10 registration fee.

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