Warrior Run College Challenge

The Warrior Run is excited to offer this unique opportunity for you and your team to raise funding for mental health programming in their school! EVERY DOLLAR raised by your team will be reinvested in your school for mental health, mindfulness, and suicide prevention programming. Any student or staff can create a team and raise money for their school. Additionally, all participating schools will receive a grant from 1N5 for program implementation.


All students registered in the College Challenge should train for and participate in the Warrior Run 5K or 1 mile walk on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Participants can train individually or in groups.


Much like training for an athletic event makes your body stronger, volunteering makes your neighborhood a stronger, healthier community. Plus helping others is a great feel good opportunity! Volunteer hours must be in conjunction with the Warrior Run.


Students can use a number of fundraising methods to raise money for their school. All funds will go directly to the school. The money raised will be used to create mental health programs on your campus.


The score of each school participating in the challenge will be calculated by a weighted scale.

50% of the score will be based on student participation (as a percentage of total enrollment).

25% of the score will be based on community service (number of service hours compared to other schools based on participants). Community service hours can be accumulated either by volunteering at the race or in any other project of your choice in conjunction with the race.

25% of the score will be based on fundraising (money raised compared to other schools based on participants).

The winning school will receive a traveling trophy, a $1,500 scholarship, and a Skyline Chili cheese coney party.

The deadline to register your school is Friday, September 20, 2019. If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a visit to your school, please email info@1n5.org to arrange a meeting with a race representative.


  1. One person needs to create a school team. This can be an administrator or student team leader. Click to Create a Team or Join a Team. Once your school is registered then recruiting students to participate is the next step.
  2. Encourage your students to register as part of the school team and set up their own fundraising pages.  They can share their personal fundraising page with family and friends to request donations and recruit participants.
  3. Use the College Challenge Tracker to record volunteer hours.
  4. Start training and enjoy the team effort at your school!

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