The Warrior Run’s mission is to raise awareness of mental health especially among the youth population by supporting Surviving the Teens plus in-school mental health programs.

The current spotlight on mental health makes now the perfect time to invest in the mental and emotional stability of our children. The Division of Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s is committed to improving the mental health of children in our community and requests your support in an important effort to continue and expand our teen mental health awareness and suicide prevention program.

Developed to reach teenagers at their most vulnerable, Surviving the Teens® is a mental health awareness and suicide prevention program offered to middle and high school students. Taught by a licensed mental health specialist, this evidence-based program connects with students in their classrooms and teaches the importance of psychological health as well as coping mechanisms that address stress, depression, suicide, suicide prevention and more. Surviving the Teens® helps adolescents become more aware of their own and their peers’ mental health and provides teens with tools and contacts to reach out for support. The program is one of the few suicide prevention programs to have data supporting its effectiveness. Surviving the Teens® is offered free of charge to participating schools and has supported approximately 6,000 students each year.

In 2019, we supported evidence-based education and programming in 41 Greater Cincinnati schools and all five local universities.  Our dream is that we can expand to all the area schools.

Thank you! Together, we will change the outcome!