Find Your Path

A few months ago we accepted the truth that the 2020 Warrior Run would not include over 3000 people gathered in a field at the foot of a 90 year old bell tower.  It wouldn’t have a sea of runners cruising the quiet streets of the village of Mariemont.  It wouldn’t have a post party feast and a family movie at dusk.  It wasn’t going to be a traditional Warrior Run: The Race for Life.  So the race committee sat down and started to work out what it would look like, how it would work and most importantly, how it would still embody the sense of community generated by the Warrior Run.  How could this virtual event support 1N5’s mission of providing mental health programming in local schools?  How could it still raise funds, bring together mental health warriors and honor Jim Miller’s passion for running?  It seemed like a daunting task until, in the middle of the Zoom call, one member said we should focus on people finding their path. Brilliant!

Find Your Path. 

In 2020 we are all finding our path through the pandemic restrictions.  For some, the path is a weekly family Zoom call.  For others, it is dusting off those sewing skills and making masks for friends, family and beyond.  Parents, co-workers, spouses, children, schools and employers are forming new routes to navigate daily life.  So why should the Warrior Run be any different?  We are searching for the path to fundraising, joining as a community and completing a 5K run.  Like any path, it changes and we have to adjust accordingly.

Find Your Path. 

Schools are chasing an erratic, quickly moving target as conditions change.  Parents, educators and students are trying to find their paths as adjustments are made.  As a result, 1N5 is finding that we have to alter our course to meet the increased and rapidly changing needs in order to achieve mental wellness for all.

Find Your Path.

The mental health of everyone is being tested.  For most of us, mental wellness is harder to achieve so we must change up what we can do…mindfulness, therapy, yoga or meditation. 

Find Your Path.

Our physical health may be harder to maintain.  We need to find new ways to stay active and engaged.

Find your path.

What can you do to support the Warrior Run? 

Find your path and share it. 

Sharing your struggles helps others realize they are not alone.  We are all dealing with finding our new paths.   Everyone has a struggle: depression, anxiety, Zoom technology, grocery shopping, isolation, masks and a whole list of other things.  You are not alone.  By sharing your path you bring people together.  You help create the community feeling we all need so much.

Find your path to the Warrior Run.  Challenge family, friends, co-workers, neighbors to help you help 1N5.  Encourage them to join you in the 5K.  Ask them to donate to your fundraising page.  See if they will cheer you on while you run or walk your race.  Share your actual 5k route.  Share the day(s) you will run or walk it.  Find your path and share it to encourage others to find and share their paths too.

Finding paths is not always easy.  Sometimes we need a map.  Sometimes we need to follow a guide.  Sometimes we want a buddy (2 legged or 4) on the journey. Sometimes we just strike out on our own.  You get to choose how you will find your path.

My path for the Warrior Run?  It is a work in process. I love hiking.  It is how I address my mental and physical wellness.   Like any path, my mental and physical fitness has ups and downs, twists and turns.  It has long, sometimes boring parts and anxiety invoking stretches.  Sometimes it is a race for my personal best on a hill climb and other times it is a mindful walk, counting my breaths for miles.  I haven’t yet decided what I am going to do but one option is a focused, calm, empty-minded 5K nature hike.  It is a good path to wellness and I am sharing it with you.  Try it and you may find it is your path too.  Or maybe not.  But that is the beauty of finding your path.  It is yours.  You choose when, where and how.

Find your path. Share Your Path.

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