Welcome to the Warrior Run

Hopefully you are reading this because you have registered for the Warrior Run to show your support for 1N5.  If you have registered, you can skip this next part unless you need a way to convince your gang to participate because there really aren’t many excuses this year.

If you haven’t registered, what is stopping you?   While we are disappointed we can’t gather together for the 5K as we usually do, we are still going to have fun with this year’s Warrior Run…lots of fun.  So, back to what is stopping you? 

  • I’m busy that day… Nope, the Warrior Run lasts for two weeks (September 26th through October 10th). 
  • I don’t have time to fit in a 5K… You can do it any day, at any time or over all 14 days.  You can do your 5K in the morning, afternoon or evening. 
  • I can’t run a 5K… Not an excuse, really.  You can walk it.  A 5K over 14 days is less than a quarter mile per day. 
  • I’m too slow to do a 5K... See above but also, you have no time limit.  The course won’t close as you are trying to get to the finish line
  • I can’t get to the race site…  Nice try, but  you don’t even have to be in Cincinnati to participate.  Step out your door, head to your local park or hop on your treadmill.  You can be anywhere.

But, if you really can’t do the 5K, we understand.  There are other ways to participate.  Share the Warrior Run on social media.  Promote it at work or in your neighborhood.  Cheer on racers virtually.  And, since the goal of the Warrior Run is to support 1N5, consider making a donation on the Warrior Run site.  Help a runner or team reach their fundraising goal or make a donation in honor of someone. 

Do you see where I am going with this…THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOT TO JOIN as a participant, promoter or donor!  We can all be warriors in our efforts to help 1N5 provide customized, evidence-based educational programming to help our youth on their path to mental wellness. 

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to register.  If not, let me know why in the comments so I can address your concern.  If you did register, continue on…

Welcome, Warriors!  Last year when we packed up after the race, we never imagined that that everything would stay packed in 2020.  But here we are and we aren’t going to let COVID dampen the spirit of the Warrior Run and all of you mental health warriors.  The needs of 1N5 are greater than ever this year and we are not about to let the pandemic slow us down. 

Stay tuned for posts about fun prep for your race and creative fundraising ideas.  We also want to hear from you so feel free to comment below about how you find your path to mental wellness and share your Virtual Warrior Run ideas so that all of us can benefit from your creativity.

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